Have you been tested to determine what level of risk you carry?

Most people find out their risk is high by having an event. Don't let a heart attack or a stroke be the way you find out.

what we test

To determine your risk for having an event in the next 10 years, we look at three things: calcification in your heart arteries, plaque in your peripheral arteries, and your genetics, What is your 10-year event risk? The only way to find out is to get tested.

CAlcification in heart arteries

Calcium is a marker for inflammation in the arteries of the heart. In the heart scan above, white spots are the calcium deposits in the arteries. Normally, arteries are clean with no calcium.


plaque in peripheral arteries

Ultrasound measures how thick the artery disease is. 



Genetic testing gives us information about how rapidly your artery disease may progress.