Are you CardioSound?

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Are you cardiosound?

Being CardioSound means that your risk for having a cardiovascular event is <6% over the next 10 years. (By "event" we mean: heart attack, stroke and sudden cardiac death).

Most people think it’s enough to know their risk factors. And it is extremely important to know your risk factors.

Two things are essential in understanding your risk:

First, you should know what your risk factors are. Our webpage on risk factors can help.

Secondly, you should know the actual level of risk that you carry. What is the probability that you will have an event? (By "event' we mean: a heart attack, a stroke, or sudden cardiac death.)

artery disease builds momentum silently

What level of risk do you carry?

Many patients and doctors use risk calculators to determine their risk for having an event. Risk calculators use your risk factors, which are plugged into a formula, which calculates your risk.

The problem is that only a few of the major risk factors are used. There are over 200 different risk factors. And most people have at least one of the major risk factors.

Another problem is that, although the risk calculators can depict the risk associated with the major risk factors in a population, they can’t truly determine the risk for an individual.

Knowing your risk factors is important.

Yet risk factors (and risk calculators) can never answer the question, "Do I have artery disease?"

Artery tests can!

We determine what level of risk you carry by testing your arteries and your genes. If testing determines that your risk is low, then nothing more needs to be done.

But if your risk is high, the next step is either for your doctor to manage your risk, or we can. Our Critical Care program has been extremely successful. See our webpage “program details.”

Some people just don’t want to know

Some people simply don't want to know their level of risk. If thinking about your risk makes you uncomfortable, then you must see the movie "The Widowmaker," available on Amazon Prime. To view a brief trailer, click on the button below.