More Artery Testimonials

Real patients. Real arteries. Real reports.


Patient #1:

Ask the Arteries Sample Report #3

This patient found out he had artery disease because someone pointed out that his ear lobes were thicker than usual, and asked him about his cholesterol, which was high. He was concerned because his grandfather died of a heart attack in his 30s, his father in his 50s. He was eager to get tested.

Heart CT calcium score was at the 99th percentile for his age and gender, so he enrolled in our aggressive treatment program. After the first year his arteries stabilized (see the yellow part, 2/15/2015). Then there were glitches in his insurance coverage of two drugs, he gained some weight, and his arteries worsened (see 8/27/2015 and 11/17/2016). Those problems were fixed and, back on his medications, he has been improving consistently for two years (with plaque regression since 11/17/2016).

His cardiovascular event risk has started to improve. And his earlobes are now normal. Looking back, he said, “Yeah, those ear lobes saved my life.”


Patient #2:

Ask the Arteries CSDx Sample BETTER.png

This patient was eager to reduce her risk. She took every medication and every lifestyle recommendation seriously. Her arteries have improved every time we tested her. She had 25% plaque regression over three years. As her plaque improved, her estimated 10 year risk improved to normal at 6%.


Patient #3:

Ask the Arteries Sample Report #4

This patient had rapidly progressive artery disease, getting worse by 24% per year. On the CardioSound Critical Care program, his artery inflammation improved, and the progression of his disease slowed down and then stabilized. Now it is improving, with 8% plaque regression over a 3 month period. His annualized rate of improvement is now 34%. Although his event risk is still high, it will improve over time.