Using the calcium score:

Normal EBCT: Calcium Score 0

Normal EBCT: Calcium Score 0

A calcium score 0

This is the best possible test result. It means that your risk of having a heart event in 10 years is very low, about 1% in this study (1).

Write that down: 1% 10 year risk.

Because your calcium score is 0, your percentile score is also 0.

The next step is to calculate your risk using some risk factors.

For this step you will need:

  • your Agatston calcium score (0)

  • your systolic blood pressure (the top number).

  • your total cholesterol

  • your HDL cholesterol

  • other information includes your race, age, gender, smoking history and family history.

When you have this information, click on the NEXT STEP: MESA RISK CALCULATOR button, which will take you to the MESA (Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis) Risk Calculator.

If you don’t know your cholesterol, your HDL or your blood pressure numbers, come back to this page when you have them, because the next step is an important one.

The MESA calculator will give you two numbers: write both of them down.

  • your 10 year risk calculation with calcium score

  • your 10 year calculated risk (based on your risk factors alone) without the calcium score.

AFTER using the MESA calculator, CLOSE the MESA window to return to this page.

Then the LAST STEP will help you put it all together.

You did the MESA calculator. Now you’ve written down 3 numbers. Let’s go to the last step to put it all together.


  1. Raggi, Identification of Patients at Increased Risk of First Unheralded Acute Myocardial Infarction by Electron-Beam Computed Tomography. Circulation. 2000; 101: 850-855