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An aggressive preventive healthcare program

Decades in the making, artery disease doesn't just melt away quickly. Although intensive treatment can dramatically reduce your risk within the first 6 months, getting into the lowest risk categories usually requires several years. Our CardioSound Critical Care program is the entry point for heart attack and stroke survivors and for those who know their risk is high. For those wanting to determine their risk for events, we recommend the Initial Screening package. For those wanting to understand how well their doctor's prevention program is working, we recommend the "Ask the Arteries" three month trending program.  

If you’re not sure what you need, the best way to get started is with a one-hour consultation with Dr. Hight, which costs $500 out-of-pocket. Click on the Get Started Today button below.

INITIAL SCREENING and risk assessment

Includes anatomical and blood bio-marker screening with personal genetics consultation. If screening identifies significant CV risk requiring treatment, the Initial Screening package costs are credited toward the Year One Critical Care Program.


Designed for those who have high risk, this top tier program includes all clinical decision-making, preventive consultations, diet and exercise management, and strategic therapeutic program updates. Requires 4 trips to Atlanta per year. Because of our national accounts with our blood tests partners, blood tests can be done anywhere in the U.S.


This program is somewhat less intense than Year One, but still may require a number of blood tests and a significant time commitment. Requires 3-4 trips to Atlanta per year. Blood tests are drawn anywhere in the U.S.


Sub-Acute Care lasts until all risk factors are neutralized, arteries have shown consistent improvement for 2 years, and CV event risk has been reduced. At that time patients "graduate" to the Maintenance Program. Sub-acute program requires 3-4 trips to Atlanta per year.


Includes blood bio-marker and lifestyle surveillance, annual "Ask the Arteries" trending surveillance and annual re-assessment visit. Our focus is on keeping the arteries clean. Maintenance patients still in the high-risk group must be seen twice a year. Low-risk maintenance requires one trip to Atlanta per year.

ask the arteries trending program

This 3 month artery surveillance program is used by people wanting to assess how well their doctor's prevention program is working. Are you getting better? Or worse? Requires 2 trips to Atlanta, each 3 months apart.  

Happy couple on bicycles. Peace of mind comes from effective preventive healthcare.
Family celebrating peace of mind, which comes from effective preventive healthcare