Smoking: a powerful risk factor

smoking, heart attacks and strokes:

Almost one third of deaths from heart attacks and strokes are due to smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke (1).

"I'm trying to quit.....What if I only smoke 1 cigarette each day?"

According to a recent study, women smoking 1 cigarette a day increased their risk for heart disease by 119% and for stroke by 46%.

Men smoking 1 cigarette daily had 74% higher heart disease risk and a 30% higher risk for stroke.

Smoking just 1 cigarette every day produced about half the risk of smoking 20 a day (2),

Smoking robs smokers of good years:

Who can buy extra years of life? Can the richest guy in the world buy an extra decade of life? Maybe. Maybe not.

What if you could get an extra decade? An extra 5 or 6 years? Good years. Quality years. Would you would pick that over smoking?

It's right there for the taking.

SMOKING and Longevity:

An American study of 200,000 people and a European study of 750,000 people showed that if you:

Man refusing to smoke, because of adverse effects of smoking on heart attack risk and longevity

STOP at 30 (or 25-34), you live an extra 10 years, on average (1,2)

STOP at 40 (or 35-44), you live an extra 9 years, on average (1,2)

STOP at 50 (or 45-54), you live an extra 6 years, on average (1,2)

STOP at 60 (or 55-64), you live an extra 3 years, on average (2)

What about those extra years? They were good quality years.

take the CardioSound challenge:

Put them down and walk away. Stop smoking today. Or...

If these statistics are not enough, we can measure the effects of your smoking on your arteries. Sign up for our 1 year surveillance "Ask the Arteries" program. We will track the rate of progression of your artery disease from smoking for 6 months. Then you quit, and we will recheck your arteries 6 months later so you can see for yourself the arterial benefits of stopping.


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