“My father had his first heart attack at 50 and died at 62. My grandfather died at 36... My test showed that I was in the 99th percentile for my age. I am actually in a super high-risk category for a heart attack…What’s the price of knowing that you’re not going to have a heart attack, and knowing that this is not going to be an issue for me? The price was well worth it!”

Rich Cannon, age 48, Roswell, GA

"I had my first stent at 40. Then I went 10 years without a problem. I had another stent at 50. When they put that second stent in, they didn't see any other restrictions. No other problems at all. Eleven months later, they said I needed another stent put in for a 99% blockage. That concerned me. I asked the Cardiologist if there was anything else that could be done. He only kept me on Zocor. I wanted to find someone to help me from a prevention standpoint. It is important to me because I have a medical background. I wanted to know as much as I could about prevention. I was really impressed when I came to Atlanta for this testing. I believe people need two different specialists: someone who does a great job putting in stents, and someone who does a great job at prevention."

Bob Corbett, D.V.M., age 53, Spring City, UT

"Both my Mom's parents and some aunts and uncles are in the grave, due to heart attacks. Other doctors I've been with - they just ran me through. Dr. Hight recommended I have a heart scan. The test is real easy, to get good information. Not hard on the body. Mine was abnormal. Now, my health is my number one priority. I think all the blood tests are wonderful. This is an in-depth way to test the human blood to find out what can be prevented. I have lost over 60 pounds. I am getting the weight off, so my heart doesn't have to work as hard. I want to add years onto my life, instead of taking years off."

Don Warren, age 41, Woodstock, GA

"My Dad had his first heart attack at 35. His brothers died early, and had heart attacks in their 40s. I didn't want to end up like my Dad. Prevention is very important to me. Once I had children, I was even more concerned, because - what if something happens to me? ...One of the hardest behaviors to change is this: getting people to invest in their own health. People haven't understood that they have the responsibility to prevent disease. There are still so many physicians who get the heart scan results, and then they don't know what to do with them. Dr. Hight knows how to use these results.”

Lindy Schmitt, former Operations Manager, LifeTest EBCT Imaging Center, Atlanta, GA

"I was a partner in a large global consulting firm. We were required to have an Executive Physical every year. In all those years I'd never heard of the heart scan. I travel for a living. I work on computer systems. I was in Morristown, N.J. when I got sick. I thought I had the flu. I felt terrible. I had congestion in my chest. I left my meeting and went to my hotel room and slept all day. When I got up I still felt bad. I went to the Emergency Room of a local hospital, where the doctors thought I might be having a heart attack. I spent the night there. They did blood tests, and the next day they did ultrasound and a nuclear stress test. They concluded that I had not had a heart attack, and that my heart was OK. I came back to Atlanta, and felt better. My wife insisted I see a local doctor the next day. Dr. Hight told me about the heart scan for calcium. I had the test and then started back to work, until they called me with the results, and insisted that I go directly to the Emergency Room here. They did a heart catheterization, which showed severe blockage. Then they put stents in. The amazing part to me is that my Dad died of a heart attack at 42. My mother died of a stroke. My older brother had a bypass, and died of a heart attack. I thought I knew all the symptoms of a heart problem. The symptoms I had, I never equated with a heart problem. I'm so glad I had that test. I'm glad I found Dr. Hight. He saved my life. Boy, has he given me an education! I'm not there yet. After lots of blood tests, lots of pills, we're still fighting it now, a day at a time."

Bob Kennedy, age 49, Marietta, GA 

"I didn't look like somebody who would have heart problems. My cholesterol was low. I exercise regularly. I don't smoke or drink. But I had a heart calcium scan 10 years ago in Nashville that put me in a high-risk category. Five years later it was even worse. Recently, I traveled 250 miles to Atlanta, for yet another scan, this time with detailed blood testing. Because I wasn't having chest pain, and my stress test was O.K., I didn't think I had a heart problem. Dr. Hight asked me to get a CT angiogram at the Fuqua Heart Center, even if insurance didn't cover it. And he started new medications. I've just had three stents put in. I'm on this aggressive program with medical therapy. I've lost 25 pounds. I feel better than I have in months, if not years. My cardiologist in Nashville said that I was right on the verge of having a major heart attack, which could have been fatal. I’m sure if I hadn't come to Atlanta, I would've been dead or severely handicapped, within a few months."

David McDonald, D.D.S., age 50, Carthage, TN

“I am a 68 year old male with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. As the CEO of a CT imaging center, I have been exposed to many local physicians. From among them I carefully chose Dr. Hight as my personal primary care physician. I have found him to be absolutely professional, meticulous, and compassionate.”

Daniel McGeown, MS Ed. - Program Director & President - Virtual Imaging, Inc. - Atlanta, GA

“I think it’s amazing to see inside the arteries by ultrasound.”

Harry A. Beecham, age 78, Woodstock, GA