Our Partners


Drs. Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen:

For over a decade, Drs. Bale and Doneen have had an influence on the CardioSound program, on the quality of primary care in the U.S., and in recent years, dental care as well. Their vision for eliminating cardiovascular disease is not only infectious, but solidly grounded in good science. The Bale-Doneen Method has saved lives, has served to raise the standard of preventive care in the primary care setting, and continues to challenge those of us in the heart prevention field. We are proud to work with Drs. Bale and Doneen.


Boston Heart Diagnostics:

Well known for their contributions to the science of lipidology, Drs. Ernst Schaefer and Bela Asztalos have improved the quality of care we offer to our CardioSound patients. Without their work, our heart attack and stroke rates would be higher. Why? Because patients have events even when their cholesterol is right on target. Because cholesterol is not the only risk factor. And because, with high risk patients, effective prevention requires precise tools to inform decision points. At Boston Heart, their commitment to providing precision bio-markers is unsurpassed.


Quest Diagnostics:

The people at Quest Diagnostics make a difference. We’ve been working with Berkeley Heart Labs, now a division of Quest, for two decades, and with Quest for over a decade. CardioSound has a national account with Quest, allowing us to draw blood anywhere in the U.S. Click on the Quest logo to find a Quest draw station near you.


effective preventive healthcare requires aggressive mapping of risk factors
aggressive biomarker testing is required to identify risk factors for heart attacks and strokes