Step 3: Implement Your Personal Plan

implement a program with proven results

get to work cleaning out the arteries

Our program has been proven to work (1, 2). Your individual treatment plan is based on a thorough evaluation of the underlying causes of your artery disease. Your plan is tailored to your personal genetics and risk factors.

Commit to a 6 month program or a year. Sometimes your plan can be implemented by your own local primary care doctor.

First, we recommend a trip to Atlanta every 3 months for artery testing, and sometimes blood testing. We usually draw your blood drawn in your home town a couple weeks prior to your trip, so that the results are ready when you come.

as your risk improves, your personal program becomes less intense

Patients who reduce their risk graduate to a maintenance program. To hear one story of a high risk patient who did that, watch the video on our Patient Testimonials page.


  1. In America, 1 of 5 men and 1 of 4 women who survive a heart attack die within the first year. 1 of 3 men and 1 of 2 women die within 5 years after surviving a heart attack. In a prospective observational study of 19 patients who survived a heart attack, Dr. Hight’s patients had a 100% survival rate at 1 year and 5 years, with 110 patient-years of follow-up.

  2. In addition to the methods Dr. Hight used in the heart attack survival study above, he also uses the Bale-Doneen Method developed by Drs. Brad Bale and Amy Doneen, which has proven to have a positive effect on atherosclerotic disease: Feng, D., Esperat, M.C., Doneen, A.L., Bale, B., Song, H., Green A.E. (2015). Eight-year outcomes of a program for early prevention of cardiovascular events: a growth-curve analysis. J Cardiovasc Nurs, 30(4), 281-291