African-Americans and heart disease:

African-Americans have the highest risk of heart disease of any group in America.

Who has the highest risk of having CV disease?

African-American men have the highest risk of any group. Of American women, African-Americans have the highest risk (2). This disease destroys family relationships. The tragic loss of the "generational wisdom" of the elders to the community is staggering. Cardiovascular disease not only kills grandparents and great-grandparents, but young men and women in the prime of their lives.

all hearts are red

Every heart makes a difference. Do you know someone who had a recent heart attack? Ask whether your friend has been told about the risk of death within the first year after surviving a heart attack (19% for men, 26% for women) or within the first 5 years after the MI (36% for men, 47% for women) (12). Tell them about CardioSound. You might save your friend's life.


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