Personalized Cardiovascular Prevention for High Risk Patients



CardioSound is an intense personalized heart attack and stroke prevention program tailored to the specific genetic traits of each patient.


Am I at risk for a heart attack or stroke?

The most important question for anyone with cardiovascular risk factors is this: What level of risk do I carry?  Risk calculators and physical exams are not enough (see CV Disease). The best risk assessment comes from testing your genes and your arteries.

What are my risk factors?

A risk factor is anything that increases your risk of having an event. (By "events" we mean heart attacks, strokes and sudden death.) Risk factors are the source of your risk.

What is my level of risk?

Knowing your risk factors is not enough. You should know the actual level of risk you carry. What is the probability that you will have a heart attack, a stroke, or sudden cardiac death?

why should i get tested?

Most people find out their risk is high by having an event. Don't let a heart attack or a stroke be the way you find out. Testing allows us to intervene before the heart attack or stroke.

CardioSound helps you lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Measure Your Risk

We determine the actual risk you carry by testing your arteries and your genes. As far as we know, there is no risk assessment program more thorough anywhere.

Monitor Your Risk

Measuring the extent of artery disease over time gives trending data which answers this question: Is my doctor’s treatment program working or not? Are my arteries getting better? Or worse?

Manage Your Risk

Once you know your risk, the next question follows: Who can help me reduce it? At CardioSound, we formulate a treatment program designed around your personal genetics and risk factors.

what matters most?

Protecting the ones we love. Protecting those who depend on us. Continuing the momentum we've built over time, in our work, and in our relationships.

Protect what matters.

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